Sons Of A Dying Sun

by I N V A D E R

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The main topic of the EP describes, in a morbid way, the native habits and insticts that define the human nature.


released September 11, 2015

All music is written by Alin Gherghe
Lyrics : Razvan Maxim, George Lazar, Raul Starcz (Bonus Track)
Mastered, mixed and recorded at Consonance Studio, Timisoara.



all rights reserved


I N V A D E R Romania

George Lazar - Vocals
Alin Gherghe- Lead Guitar
Razvan Maxim- Guitar
Alex Soare- Bass
Bogdan Pavel- Drums

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Track Name: Drowned in Confusion
As you re looking through the ages
As they're looking for an end
Desolate, creating chaos
They will never understand

Human mind is full of legends
Propaganda without end
Misteries about the unspoken
In reality, the holy blends

For the body
And for the soul
Life is just a
A wicked road

They are lost
Drowned in confusion
On their path
That's an illusion

Shadows from your past
Walking into fire
Losing your beliefs
Pretending they are wiser

Time has stopped
Lose your mind
Drowned in fear
Trapped in mind
Track Name: Labyrinth of Mind
Shades of fire
In a deep dark void
Since the beginning
They haven t been destroyed

Unreal fears
And sceptic minds

Reality untold
Hidden in the skies

Voices of mortals
Yelling names of gods
Raising their master
Lost in their own thoughts

Unreal fears
And sceptic minds

Reality untold
Hidden in the skies

The moon won't tell you stories
But neither will mankind
The truth is well preserved
Somewhere deep inside

Divinity is lost
Your stars won't show The Trine
Your faith is just a..
A labirynth of mind

Shades of fire
In a deep dark void
Since the beginning
They haven t been destroyed
Track Name: Sons of A Dying Sun
Denying their cause of birth
The will of Sol's power
Should write their fate in dirt
It's all that can be seen
Progress, our only wish
Around a dying god we spin
Rejecting reality
They tighten their hopes
Praising their vanity

The tears
The yellings
Will vanish in the dust
The light
Of hope
Will fade away at last
The tears 
The yellings
There's nothing you can trust
It's power
Humanity is loooost!

The glimpse of death will soon be seen
This is all what they have done...
The darkness of a tomb, alive
We're just sons of a dying sun
Track Name: Lack Of Knowledge
Can't they see the time they waste
Chasing words full of disgrace?
See the lack of inspiration
Worship art, f**k their possesion

They sell their pure and honest dreams
Drowning in their so-called "sins"
They get paid for causing wounds
But the death will scratch their bones

Dreams left to wither
Helpless and lost
Trading possesions
Made only of rust
Track Name: While My Soul Wept (Bonus Track)
The real meaning of good and evil
Is that a thing beyond retrieval?
How can I, choose a side?
If I'm not the one that goes with tide.
I feel the steel, that's stabbing me,
My eyes go blind, I cannot see.
I'm dying now, I finished my role,
But that is written for my soul.

My soul is lost, my spirit's dead
Write me a letter send it to grave
Tears are falling, bloody red
There is nothing left that I can save
I feel no more, emotions lost
Darkness surroundings, my body falls
I have to escape at any cost
What is this place between those walls

Eternal damnation, the final confrontation
Flaming hell, a neverending cell
Holy salvation, no more negation
Heaven's yells, enter the flawless shell.

Back from the dead, I've seen myself
My soul was getting out of me
And there was nothing left
But an empty body, falling down in the mud
Bloody tears were flooding my eyes
But I've set my heart at ease.

Heaven or Hell?!

Between two worlds, I am caught
I have to go, for the last shot
I travel alone, searching for hope
No more hiding, under the cope
How to get out, of this place?
For this I have, to fall from grace
I kneel down, to escape from this spell
Where will I go, in Heaven or Hell?